26 Jun 2015

It is the Right Thing to do

'It is the right thing to do'. In my head I can hear David Cameron saying this phrase with that feigned look of sincerity which he adopts. What he really means is not that it is the correct, moral thing to do, but the 'right wing' thing to do.

He wants to renegotiate Britain's membership with the EU as he does not want to give our national rights away.  And yet he is quite happy for businesses we as a country/tax-payers own, to be sold to foreign private companies or even foreign state companies often at knock-down rates. He is also happy to support the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) which will subjugate the rights of countries to those of corporations if their profits are adversely affected.

Here is an extract from his conference speech October 2014: ''Companies are coming from all over the world to invest and create jobs here. That’s not happened by accident. It’s because they see a Government rolling out the red carpet for them, cutting their red tape, cutting their taxes.'

He is also happy for foreign investors to buy up property in London making the capital too expensive for the English to live in and driving house prices up all over the UK.

It is muted that migrant health workers on whom the NHS and thus we depend, will be sent home after 6 years if they are not earning £35,000 per year.  This shows how removed this government is from the reality of life for most people - how many people earn that much?

Today I have read in the newspaper that the UK is opting out of the European plan to help 60,000 migrants. Surely the right, moral thing to do would be for the UK to take in our fair share, especially as we helped to cause the situations in Afganistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. But no, the right wing thing to do is to turn one's back as it is not profitable.

The Tories are all for short term gain.  The government is going to sell off the last 30% of the Royal Mail when it is against our national interest to do so - just watch how deliveries to rural areas will decline. The government is also going to start selling off RBS shares to its friends at a loss to the tax-payer who kept the bank afloat.  Where is the national interest in that?

So rich immigrants or foreign companies owning our property and businesses and turning away those in need = right.

Immigrants desperately needing help or those benefiting our NHS and nationalised industries owned by the tax payer = bad.

Rant over for today at least!


Philip Booth said...

And on top of all that are thinking about tax cuts for the wealthy...this all is so sad when there is an alternative that would be fairer for all and build a future for ourselves, children and other future generations. It has been great to see so many people at the monthly Green Party meeting in Stroud - some 35 people this week.

Alex Lodge said...

We're going to need a much bigger space for Green Party meetings in Stroud soon I think! It seems that the growing discontent with Tory plans are mobilising many people to action. We can't take the risk of continued austerity.