28 Apr 2015

Things are hotting up in Bristol

As May 7th approaches, the Green Party campaign in Bristol West is reaping rewards as the number of people intending to vote Green increases daily. A Lord Ashcroft Poll reveals a swing of 21%. It is also attracting press coverage. See this Guardian video.

It is exciting for me living in Fairford as Bristol is reasonably close. The South West already has an extremely competent and effective MEP in Molly Scott Cato.  Stroud District Council, also up for election, has got some superb Green councillors who get things done. Sarah Lunnon, the Stroud Parliamentary Green candidate, is also a County Councillor and has made her mark on Gloucestershire. It would be great if the Greens can capture Bristol West in the General Election.

Bristol  is already the 2015 European Green Capital.  Wouldn't it be fantastic if Darren Hall could become a Green MP as well?

See The Bristol Green Party website.

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