29 Apr 2015

Cotswold District Council Elections

7th May also sees Local District elections in some areas.  The Greens are fielding 8 candidates.

Abbey: Bob Irving

I've lived in Cirencester for over 20 years and my children have attended Deer Park School and Cirencester College. Over the last 10 years, I have changed my career from IT to research in energy efficiency in buildings, as I believe reducing energy use is most important in the fight against climate change and reducing poverty. The Green Party manifesto says that we will insulate 9 million homes and take 2 million people out of fuel poverty. In Cirencester, I would start a 'Warmzone' scheme like that created by Greens in Kirklees to help those who struggle to pay their energy bills.

Chesterton: Sabrina Poole
Sabrina is 24 years old and has lived in Cirencester most of her life. She was heavily involved in student politics at Leeds University and has experience of campaigning about fairness, accessibility and accountability issues. Locally, she believes that the Cotswolds needs more frequent and fairly priced public transport for all ages, more ‘things to do’ and affordable housing of all sizes. However, she is against developments that prioritise the profits of development companies over sustainability and community life. She also believes that the various needs of the young, elderly and vulnerable persons should be better represented at a local level.

Coln Valley: Xanthe Messenger

I’ve lived in Quenington for 5 years, worked for the NHS for 10 and been in the Green Party for 20, including being a City Councillor in Oxford. This is such a beautiful part of the world but our lifestyles have an effect on others and their wellbeing as well as the future of our fragile planet. Vote Green to start doing things differently: less dependence on fossil fuels (no fracking please!), protect community services, support green enterprises, use resources carefully and fairly.
Fosseridge: Ailsa Spindler
With a degree in Rural Environment Studies and a home in Longborough, it is no surprise that Ailsa feels passionate about rural issues. She is particularly concerned about rural transport, and would like to see a cycle path along the Fosse, to make cycling safer and more attractive. Rural housing is also a concern, with young families unable to afford to live in our villages, while older residents find it difficult to access health and social services. If elected, Ailsa would ensure that Cotswold District Council does more to bring fairness and equality of opportunity to our villages.

Four Acres: Fran Johnson

I live in Chesterton, Cirencester and am studying for a PhD at the University of Bath. I have worked as a teacher in secondary schools for ten years, teaching English, Drama and Special Needs. I am standing as a candidate for the Green Party because I believe that local politics should be about listening, about people having a say in where they live, and because I believe in working towards a society that is fair and just. Since moving to Cirencester with my husband, we have both felt welcomed by the town and want to serve in the community.

St Michael's: Robert Elliott
Rob has been involved in youth and community work in a voluntary and paid capacity for over 20 years, working with people of all ages from toddlers through to people of a senior age. From this he understands well the pressures and joys that we all can face in life. Also how communities, councils and statutory bodies, eg schools can work positively together to maintain, improve and develop local areas. He has previously been employed by Oxfordshire council and Hackney council and helped to improve and develop infrastructure for the local community and everyone’s benefit.

Stratton: Joy Irving

I'm standing as a Green Party candidate in Cirencester Stratton, where I've lived for about 20 years.  I feel that it's important that people have a chance to vote for a party that protects the well-being of local communities against the harsh impacts of the global free-market.  

If elected, I will work to encourage:
  • more production and sale of local food;
  • investment in well insulated homes;
  • local renewable energy production and use;
  • local supply chains to keep money in the local economy and to ensure local business resilience and local employment.  
The Rissingtons: Andrew MaClean
The North Cotswolds villages need councillors who will fight for better services and for policies that will build prosperous and resilient local communities.

I am standing as a Green Party candidate to:

  • Improve our public transport service
  • Encourage local enterprises and food production
  • Invest in clean and resilient energy source
  • Fight for decent rural broadband service
  • Develop healthy, connected towns and villages
  • Care for our wonderful Cotswolds countryside
  • Reduce and recycle waste
  • Ensure that rural deprivation is not ignored
I will pursue these priorities and raise issues that affect our area at the District Council.

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