24 Apr 2015

Hustings in Cirencester 23rd April

The Sundial Theatre in Cirencester College was full to capacity.

The debate was like the TV debate, but much more civilised, with no candidate talking over another. The chair from Churches Together Around Cirencester was very professional and his aide proficient with a horn should a candidate speak longer than the alloted time.

The event was co-sponsored by the Wilts and Glos Standard and a blow by blow account can be found here.

Penny Burgess put the Green Party's viewpoint. The following are some of her replies to the questions as reported by the Standard:

UKIP Chris Harlow and Green Penny Burgess debating about getting a trident. Penny says there are better things to spend £100billion on.

Burgess says we need more regulations on the sale of arms - crowd seems to agree. #CotswoldHustings
Penny Burgess says we need to promote defensive defence. Which means we won't attack anyone but if anyone attacks us then we will resist them. "The world has changed completely"

On the 'Scottish Woman' Penny Burgess says Nicola Sturgeon has every right to have her say - that's democracy.

Penny Burgess, in Green, says it's important everyone has a say over whether we stay in or out of EU. Personally she wants us to stay in but thinks lots needs to be done. So much needs changing.

Penny Burgess, of Green, said actually debt isn't as bad as it has been in the past. It is something we can address, by getting people in good jobs and making sure companies pay their fair share of tax. A mixed reaction from crowd.

On the local NHS - The minor injuries unit here is excellent. But there is an issue, there isn't anywhere for people to go out of hours. We need this - says Green's Penny Burgess

Penny Burgess says Green want to invest £1billion a year to invest in heatwave defences, flood defences. Wants to ban all fracking operations too. "It's just wrong."

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