21 Apr 2015

Even more members!

On Friday 17th April there was a party to celebrate the 500th member of the Stroud District Green Party which covers the Stroud and Cotswold Parliamentary wards.The Star Anise cafe was hired for the event - purveyor of wonderful vegetarian organic drinks and food. 

The 500th member was there, but in the few short weeks since he had joined, so had another 151, bringing the total to 651. In fact there are now over 60,000 Green party members in England and Wales with almost 9,000 more in Scotland.  All these people have signed up for a party offering HOPE FOR THE FUTURE, not scaremongering like the other parties - 'if you vote for soandso, then someone dreadful will get in'.

As part of the Green Surge I went along to the usual warm welcome from Green Party members, new and old. There were a few brief speeches and then a quiz. Old and new members teamed up to answer questions on local Green Party candidates, green policies and sustainability issues. Party horns had been provided; to be blown if anyone mentioned 'UKIP' 'hard working people' or '70/70th' (it was the Election Manager's 70th Birthday!) The winning team got organic chocolate bars!

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