3 Mar 2015

Tidal Power - the way to go for UK energy independence

Critics of renewable energy have always cited the unpredictability of wind and solar power. The ebb and flow of tides, however, can always be relied on. Advocates of renewable energy have always said that there should be a mix of clean sources.

Mark Shorrock, CEO of Tidal Lagoon Power, told BBC News: "We have a wonderful opportunity to create energy from the dance between the moon and the earth."
There are plans to generate electricity with tidal power in 6 lagoons - 4 in Wales, 1 in Somerset and 1 in West Cumbria. The first is to be in Swansea Bay. The lagoons will capture incoming and outgoing tides behind giant sea walls, and use the weight of the water to power turbines. 
Althought initially expensive to build, these 6 lagoons could produce 8% of the UK's electricity and as they will last 120 years, the cost of producing electricity will reduce considerably over their lifetime.
Benefits are enormous when compared to fracking or nuclear as the lagoons provide clean energy:
  • The tidal cycles are well known and so the energy production is predictable
  • Unlike fracking there is no potential for inducing earthquakes, polluting groundwater or releasing climate change gases
  • Unlike nuclear there is no problem with waste disposal or contamination
  • Over time the electricty produced will get much cheaper
  •  British Industry guaranteed central role

For more details see an article on the BBC website

See also The Swansea Lagoon Project website

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