4 Mar 2015


A year ago a film maker callled Peter Bach made a film about the NHS called Sell Off - The Full Movie.  So far neither the BBC or C4 has agreed to show it.

Peter describes the film as radical - it tells the 'alarming story of how the health service as we know it has been quietly abolished'.

The film is available on YouTube and is well worth seeing. It makes you realise that our NHS is not safe in the hands of the Tories, Labour or the LibDems.

Only the Greens are advocating 'a publicly funded, publicly provided health service'.
The Green Party:
  • Opposes NHS privatisation and treating healthcare as a market. 
  • Opposes the development of Foundation Hospitals
  • Opposes the Internal Market which has wasted badly needed resources on administration, and reduced the efficiency and morale of the whole system
  • Wants to end The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) which has been a giant scheme for the benefit of private contractors

    See also the website: http://www.selloff.org.uk/nhs/default.html

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