13 Mar 2015

Molly talks TTIP!

At our recent Green Party AGM some 90 people squeezed into the Old Town Hall in Stroud to hear Molly Scott Cato MEP give a talk on her work in Europe. Here just over 3 mins of film of her talk - this section on TTIP: http://stroudcommunity.tv/molly-ttip/

Also here's Molly in a recent press release talking about the controversial trade deal: “The EU and US treat risks in very different ways. In the EU the onus is on new products or processes demonstrating they are safe. If this cannot be done we follow the ‘precautionary principle’. By contrast, US regulation relies on proof of harm. We will be tabling amendments to defend the precautionary principle which we believe is essential to ensure the highest level of animal and human health.”

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