14 Mar 2015

7 Miles of Pinkness: the scarf that won a Film Festival Award

Jaine Rose
Ben Hedley, Philip Booth and Steve Hurrell were the three behind a 5 minute film that covers the story of Stroud’s Jaine Rose who inspired thousands to first knit, then to unroll 7 miles of pink scarf on Nagasaki Day, 9th August 2014 between two nuclear bomb factories.

On 13th March 2015 the film was one of three short films to be recognised in the first Stroud Film Festival at a packed Brunel Goods Shed.

Philip Booth, one of the film makers and a former Green Party councillor, said: “Wonderful to get this recognition for the film and all those knitters and more who made it possible. The film captures the voices of some of those involved in this hugely creative campaign to stop the immorality of spending £120 billion on renewing Trident nuclear weapons."
Jaine watching film at Festival last night (Photo: Steve Hurrell)
Ben Hedley, another of the film makers said: “This was about the many different voices all saying why they considered nuclear weapons are wrong. It was a really powerful day that Jaine’s energy created and that comes across in the film. There are also many voices we couldn’t include but wanted to. And we’re excited to donate the prize money to the ongoing humanitarian effort to repurpose the scarf into blankets for areas of the world that need it. Of course I must also mention what fun we all had coming to the event with our cameras hoovering up as much of the atmosphere as we could.“

Jaine Rose, organiser of Wool Against Weapons event said: "I am delighted that this film has been recognised and can take the message of thousands of knitters to an even wider audience. We still can stop the moral and economic nonsense of Trident helped by the determined effort of creative activists. I remain in awe of the willingness of everyone who helped knit over 8* miles of scarf, and would like to send huge thanks to Philip, Steve and Ben for their brilliant filming of our big pink day!”

Jaine, Philip and Ben celebrating Award last night (Photo Steve Hurrell)
TO SEE THE FILM: http://stroudcommunity.tv/7-miles-of-pinkness/
The Film Festival runs for two weeks - for details see: http://www.stroudfilmfestival.org/

Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are all in favour of renewing Trident - we can change their minds.

The scarf is now being repurposed into blankets for humanitarian aid, including projects in Tanzania, Syria, and the U.K.

*The scarf needed to be 7 miles to link the two nuclear establishments but it turned out to be longer than 8 miles!

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