19 Oct 2014

Still fighting Hinkley

Last month, the country’s first new nuclear power station in a generation – at Hinkley Point – cleared a major hurdle after an agreement was reached between the European Commission and Whitehall. However, Green MEP Molly Scott Cato has pledged to keep fighting the power station.
But the news angered and dismayed opponents, including the Green Party, the Stop Hinkley Group and Greenpeace UK, who vowed that the fight against the EDF plant would go on. More Here: http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/Campaigners-bid-block-EU-deal-Hinkley/story-23039980-detail/story.html
Stop Hinkley have now written to competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia, who is in charge of state aid, urging him to reconsider and claiming that the subsidy deal had been “stitched up without any sort of competitive process”. [http://www.stophinkley.org/Temporary/Dear%20Commissioner.pdf]

Dale Vincent, of Stroud's Ecotricity, was reported in the Guardian as considering making a legal challenge over Hinkley, and it seems there could be German protest as well.

So, rumours of Hinkley's success may be premature, and the fight is a long way from over. we can only hope that sanity, and law will prevail, and the massive government subsidy of this unsustainable industry will not be allowed to go ahead.

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