20 Oct 2014

Keep an eye on your river

c. Russ
With rainfall heavy, Stroud has already seen a few flash floods causing traffic hazards and getting into buildings this autumn. There could well be more to come, and as climate change increases climate chaos, our weather systems will get ever less predictable.

That makes it important to be able to get up to date information on what is actually happening.

The Shoothill GaugeMap is the first interactive map with live river level data from over 2,400 Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales river level gauges in England and Wales.

it gives details of all 11 gauges in Stroud District.

The extensive network of river level gauges across England and Wales covers all the major rivers as well as many smaller rivers, streams and brooks. The data displayed on each of the river level gauges on GaugeMap is recorded at 15 minute intervals by the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales.


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