17 Aug 2014

Wool Against Weapons

By Chris Keppie
Blue sky, fluffy clouds, farmers making hay. Cricket being won by England. In, to woody Berkshire lanes. 240,000 hours of knitting, purling, thinking, caring, from all across our country and our world, which, this Nagasaki Day, became 7 miles of scarf - pink and beautiful, rolled out, sewn together, and held, in song and noise and silence; held to link and expose, once again, 2 grey, vast, concrete, wired abominations: our country’s nuclear bomb factories.
Aldermaston and Burghfield atomic weapons establishments make the nuclear fuel and casements for our country’s Trident missiles. Some more numbers. 1 Vanguard submarine holds 8 Tridents, each holding 5 warheads, each 8 times more powerful than the bomb which killed 140,000 people in Hiroshima. At least 1 of our 4 subs is on patrol all the time, with the ready potential, then, of murdering 45 million people (3x even the number killed in WW1).
As we mourn and condemn the slaughter and trauma of our cousins in Gaza, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Mali, and on and on, and remember the war that didn’t end all wars, let us also mourn and condemn weapons of most mass destruction, hidden in our seas here and now. Let us loudly say NO to our elected representatives as they sickeningly consider renewal of Trident over the next two years. The so-called deterrence argument rests on the premise that we would ever could ever condone sending these missiles of indiscriminate genocide and evil. It’s that simple. Nothing can justify it. Nothing fluffy or woolly about that. Oh, and a secondary point. What good things could we spend £100 billion on instead?
Such thanks and praise to Stroud’s very own Jaine Rose for leading this extraordinary Wool Against Weapons campaign over the last 20 months and for speaking so movingly and for being so moving at our milestone and on her bike; and to CND and ActionAWE for their ongoing prophetic brilliance; and to Molly Scott Cato MEP for her Quakerly Green voice; and to Thames Valley Police for eating cake with us; and to all who stitched and sang and smiled a tiny part of the awesome alternate whole. It felt like pure worship. I feel overwhelmingly privileged to have belatedly join the rewooloution :)
See Molly and more at Wool Against Weapons at: http://stroudcommunity.tv/molly-wool-2/

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