19 Aug 2014

Mothing in the park

I’ve been to two moth events at Museum in the Park, Stroud now. They’re quite remarkable. It’s a free event, and if you can cope with the late night, totally family friendly. Stratford Park may look quite cultivated, but it turns out to have a huge moth population, and an array of bats who come to feed on them. Visiting the park at night with a moth expert, getting to see moths and learn about other local wildlife, is an excellent experience. Plus the museum building is really pretty when lit up at night!

Take a torch to peer into the lovely flower borders. I saw a mint moth, amongst others. You might want to take a snack or a thermos of tea, and sensible shoes are essential.

It just goes to show that nature is all around us and the beautiful surprises can be really close to home. We saw some lovely moths – many are really pretty.

The events calendar for Museum in the Park is here - http://www.museuminthepark.org.uk/special-events/

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