22 Mar 2014

Could you be a Parish Councillor?

Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish have their Elections this year. So do Alkington, Arlingham, Berkeley, Bisley (Bisley Ward), Bisley (Eastcombe Ward), Bisley (Oakridge Ward), Chalford (Bussage Ward), Chalford (Hill Ward), Chalford (Valley Ward), Coaley, Elmore, Frampton on Severn, Fretherne-with-Saul (Fretherne Ward), Fretherne-with-Saul (Saul Ward), Ham and Stone (Ham Ward), Ham and Stone (Stone Ward), Hamfallow, Hardwicke, Haresfield, Hinton, Longney and Epney, Nympsfield, Randwick (Lower Westrip Ward), Randwick (Randwick Ward), Slimbridge, Stinchcombe, Uley, Whiteshill and Ruscombe and Whitminster

If you would like to consider becoming a Councillor for your Parish, then please look at http://www.stroud.gov.uk/opendata/councillors.asp there are a number of inks and pdf files from here that you may find useful. Parish councils have a budget to spend and can do a lot for the immediate locality. If you are considering becoming politically active and want a more manageable place to start, we really recommend considering joining your local Parish council and getting involved.

Nominations for Parish Councils open on Friday 11 April and close at 4pm on Thursday 24 April
Packs can be obtained from Stroud District Council.
E-mail: elections@stroud.gov.uk
Phone: 01453 754886 

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