16 Oct 2013

Local Enterprise or Wipeout

Below is a letter recently sent to Stroud News and Journal. We’re sharing it here in case you missed it.

Dear Ed,

While radio stations still play Jesse J telling us its not about the price tag, 'expert' in local economies, ex-Citizen editor Ian Mean, broadcasts that retail is the answer to Gloucestershire's problems. So this, he suggests, is where our shiny new Local Enterprise Partnership, an unelected quango, should concentrate its

In another brilliant example of coalition localism, millions of tax payers' money will be handed over to these local "Dragons Den" figures, to drum up ideas for decimating our local businesses by tempting some big retail chains to build shops we don't need all over our green fields.

Having shut the libraries and youth clubs, sacked thousands of public sector workers and frozen the pay of the rest, the coalition has plenty of money to fund this, while neatly providing private profit for the banks and investors who back the Tory Party.

Sacrificing our public services and assets in exchange for pursuing the twin gods of growth and shopping, treats us like consumers who have no other way to be content except buying more stuff and promotes envy in those who can't afford to.

We have to make the best of this set up, so let's tell them we want support for existing and local businesses that deliver some real benefits that serve local people and keep their cash in the local economy. Insulating homes and installing alternative energy sources, provides jobs, reduces energy demand, improves home comfort and saves on bills. It makes far more sense than Ed's Freeze or Cameron's do nothing approach.

Gerald Hartley

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Julian said...

... its clearly a nuclear powered retail future for us, largely provided by the Chinese ...

... meanwhile, we have lost £1.4million in hydropower just at Ebley Mill during past 20 years of Agenda 21 - with 500 other viable sites in the county - how could those other lost £100s millions have transformed our local economy by multiplying this over many times (quite apart from the improved health, fisheries, leisure etc).