19 Aug 2013

Poem - The Great Vegetable Resistance

Here from Robin Collins, a member of the local Permaculture group his poem, 'The Great Vegetable Resistance':


Carrots, cabbages, courgettes and runner beans!

The corporations loom large over your existence, 

muster forces garden greens,

they come armed with GM, and intent to have it their way,

to put your loyal growers into corporate subjugation.


Parsnips, beetroot, radishes!

  Gather your leaves, shoots and roots,

   around the next generation of seeds

   the laboratory freaks are coming,

   sent by the corporates to replace generations of good honest growing,


Spuds, broccoli, sweetcorn and tomatoes!

Make walls of compost,

rally your worms,

as the GM plough comes this way,

cutting a divide between our right to grow,

and their monopoly of what we choose to eat.


All who grow,

Throw down the technofixes,

Take up the spade and dig yourself in!

Many thanks Robin!

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