17 Apr 2013

Sarah Lunnon, County elections and more

Why the cafe in photo below? More in a moment....Yesterday I managed to catch the Green Party's Sarah Lunnon talking on BBC Glos Radio about elections - she is hoping to be re-elected in a ward that has, like all County wards been made larger. You can hear her at 44.30 for the next 6 days at; http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p016n8nk 

Cornish cafe
I also was out leafleting and a little bit of canvassing in Randwick last night for Anna Bonallack who is standing in this ward - the ward is large - it includes all of Whiteshill, Ruscombe and Randwick plus Painswick, Pitchcombe, Bisley and more - Anna was also out - she will make an excellent County councillor.....had to stop at 7.30 for a Ruscombe Brook Action Group meeting in The Vine.....plans for a quiz, updates on the sewage works, plans for a biodiversity study and more...

Anyway I must to work now...you can see more about all our candidates standing in the Glos County Council elections here......ooohps nearly forgot...Why the photo of this cafe on a beach on The Lizard,  Cornwall? Well a couple of weeks ago I was there - very good to have a short break with family....and strangely on the first day candidates were announced, I met Dom Brandreth - his first place to canvas was this cafe where I was getting an ice cream for my mum - it was good to hear his enthusiasm for getting elected - I wish him well and indeed all the 1,000 or so Green candidates across the country - you can see the Cornish manifesto here. The cafe put a poster up - if he manages to get votes like that he will be elected easily!

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