1 Mar 2013

Whiteshill and Ruscombe Village Shop AGM

Monday 4th March at 5pm at the shop. Come and find out more about our great village shop - and please don't forget to support it!

Mary Dunford at the shop writes: "Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers and our loyal customers the shop continues to do well. We can always do with more customers and helpers though. I think that a lot of people who have not visited the shop for some time would be surprised at the very large range of varied items on sale. Noticeably more than other community shops that I have visited.  We have Organics, Ecover range, free range and farm fresh eggs, alternative cleaning products, Fair Trade, delicious homemade preserves, Winstones ice cream. bread and pies baked on site, bottled milk, fruit and veg, an everyday range, ordered newspapers, chocolate and a very large selection pick and mix pocket money sweets, and the Coffee Bar, to name quite a few! As we do not have to pay wages we can keep down the prices."

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