28 Feb 2013

EDF - are they serious?

Twenty-one climate activists are facing a £5 million law suit. Energy company EDF have taken out civil proceedings against the activists who scaled chimneys at their West Burton plant last October. Sixteen or seventeen campaigners occupied two chimneys at the West Burton power plant for a
week stopping nearly 20,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. All the activists plead guilty to aggravated tresspass at Mansfield Magistrates court.

George Monbiot writes: "The energy giant is part of a global strategy by corporations to stifle democracy..... Without public protest, democracy is dead." See the rest of Monbiot's article here.

SchNEWS report Aneaka Kelly, one of the No Dash for Gas defendants saying: "This un-civil action by EDF is not about money - they've already admitted in court that they know we don't have this kind of cash. EDF just want to make sure that anyone who tries to stand up and challenge their profiteering price hikes, shady government lobbying and climate-trashing power plants is quickly silenced by the threat of legal action."
Tell EDF to drop legal action here. I wonder could this not be another McLibel case? What will people really think about EDF when they see this action by them?

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