11 Feb 2013

Greens Seek to Protect ‘Green Lungs’ in Slad Valley

Molly Scott Cato
The Greens have a proud history of defending nature and protecting our green spaces - Baxter's field is facing a serious threat - it was Cllr Simon Pickering who worked with the successful campaign to stop development on this site back in the 1990s.  

In the past, and today, I have totally opposed such development on the site - this proposal for 140 houses at Baxter's Field is an opportunistic and unsightly proposal from a development company who seems to be trying to exploit the current situation regarding the Local Plan for short-term profit. The proposed scheme has nothing to offer local people, since the houses will be too expensive for most to afford.Here's some of Molly Scott Cato's press release:

In planning terms, the proposal is a disaster. It will add to the problems of water run-off, combining with existing over-development in the Slad Valley to exacerbate flooding problems in Slad Road and creating problems along the whole of the Frome catchment as far as Stonehouse and Eastington. There is no road that can offer acceptable access to the site and traffic problems around Summer Street are already extreme.

Molly Scott Cato, District councillor for Valley ward (Green) said: 'I am proud to represent the most beautiful valley in the country and I will do whatever I can to oppose this development. We are fed up with the few making profits, whilst quality of life is destroyed for the rest of us. This planning proposal offers nothing to the people of Valley ward or Stroud town and I urge members of the Development Control Committee to vote against it.

‘The green lungs, extending right into the heart of the town, are what makes Stroud such an attractive and special local environment. I am committed to defending the special nature of Stroud town and will only support proposed developments which can demonstrate overwhelming social, economic and environmental benefits.’

See campaign blogsite with how you can take an active role in protecting this valley:  http://www.savesladvalley.org.uk

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