16 Feb 2013

Can you spare Two Hours for Toads?

In a recent Stroud Community TV film the toad was highlighted - see here - well Ellen Winter who is the Stroud Community Wildlife Officer at the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is after some help. This is what she writes:

Spring migration: toads determined to reach their breeding ponds come what may. If this means crossing roads built across their migration routes they will. But in a toads v. traffic clash there is only one - flat - outcome. I know it is cold now, but the toads start to migrate when it reaches 5 Celsius at night. It could be next week, it could be March, but when the time comes will your bucket be ready to help save them from a squishy death?

20 tonnes a year are killed in the UK - just one of the reasons toad numbers are falling drastically . So far we have logged over 25 places around Stroud that migrating toads are killed crossing roads each spring. We need your help to locate where other crossings are, and to patrol for toads - using a bucket to carry them across the road safely.  I know of two populations already around Stroud that have been wiped out, but it's not too late for the others.

They are at their most vulnerable at evening rush hour.  If you can spare Two Hours for Toads to patrol a crossing after dusk during the migration period, we can supply equipment and training. We have already recruited over 50 new patrollers and started 8 new patrols around the district but toads need more help!

We are hoping new patrollers will either join an existing patrol or start a new patrol at their local crossing, as most of the crossings are not yet patrolled.  Most patrolling is not really suitable for children due to busy roads, but there are other things children can do to help, so contact me on the details below if you can help.

Contact her at: 01452 383333

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