6 Jan 2013

My annual newsletter just out

Newsletter Jan/Feb 2013

Here's my newsletter that I started delivering today; rather than list all the stuff from this year I've revisited 2006 pledges. I've also held the font at 14 in the paper version so it is more accessible - this means I've missed lots from the newsletter but hopefully those interested will find more in this blog....not sure how quick I will get around the ward as I twisted my ankle over Christmas so can't do so many houses in one go.....

Annual newsletter: January/February  2013
Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe News 
from Philip Booth, your District Councillor

Dear Resident,

This is my annual newsletter to update you on some of my work representing this ward at Stroud District Council. 

Greens have been sharing power since May 2012 with Labour and LibDems to lead Stroud District Council. This has brought many opportunities for change, but also some serious challenges. The current economic climate is making things particularly hard for some in our communities. I am committed to trying to lessen the impact of any cuts.
As usual I have tried to deal with the many queries over the year about  planning and other issues locally.

I do my best to represent the views of local residents and welcome hearing from any of you - do please get in touch if you have any thoughts, questions or issues relating to the District Council.

Wishing you a good 2013,

Cllr Philip Booth,

Stroud District Councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe,
2 The Laurels, Bread Street, Ruscombe, Stroud GL6 6EL
Tel: 01453 755451
Email: philip.booth2(at)virgin.net

2006 pledges revisited! Back in 2006 when I was first running for election I made 4 specific pledges. I thought it would be useful to revisit them in this newsletter:

Ö              ‘Protect our green fields and spaces like Ruscombe Valley’: this remains an ongoing battle but we have succeeded for the moment with the Ruscombe Valley not being listed as a key site for development - although Callowell remains under threat. Agreeing where we put housing is one of the challenges for 2013.

Ö              ‘Ensure new policies to tackle climate change’: I have chaired two Scrutiny Task and Finish Groups. These have led to a Council Energy Strategy and a Stroud Standard for our Council housing developed with tenants. The Council now looks set to invest a whopping £12 million in Council housing for energy efficiency measures and renewables; £5m next year and £7m the year after. Great for cutting carbon and reducing growing fuel poverty - and increasing local jobs. £12 million is more than I could have dreamed of when I first started the inquiries – but is desperately needed for our poor quality housing stock.

Ö              ‘Improve the water quality of our local brooks’: Last year saw the relining of problem parts of the sewage system in Ruscombe and Randwick, which had led to pollution incidents in our waterways. We have worked hard in the Ruscombe Brook Action Group over several years, with Severn Trent and others, to ensure that this happened.

Ö              ‘Create more 20 mph’: Locally, over the years, we have seen meetings, petitions and more to create a ward-wide 20mph. Working with both Parish Councils, it looks likely that later this year, if all goes well, we should see a mandatory 20 mph for large parts of the ward; the first in Gloucestershire under their new scheme. Of course, a speed limit is only a small part of the answer to improving neighbourhoods and reducing speeds and injuries on our roads …. there is more to do.

Other highlights from this year include:

Ö     Taking part in a major review of sheltered accommodation with tenants and officers; the Council has become the first in the country to win national accreditation for it's tenant participation

Ö     founding Stroud Community TV online; made dozens of films of local events and projects and uploaded nearly 700 local films to the site 

Ö     helping improve recycling

Ö     my online blog/diary/news, ‘Ruscombe Green’ of Council and community projects was voted 10th best UK councillor blog 2011

See more about what I am doing on my award winning blog:

County Council Elections, May 2013 - Anna Bonallack

I'm delighted to confirm that Anna Bonallack will be the Green Party candidate in the forthcoming County Council elections. Greens are traditionally strong in this area and Anna will fulfill the pressing need for independent voices at Shire Hall. A parent, teacher, Director of a Community Interest Company working with young people and schools in the Stroud area and - until recently - a Parish Councillor, Anna has the experience and skills to bring to improving County Council policies and performance.

As County Councillor for our division, she would focus on developing employment  opportunities for young people, supporting the growth of sustainable local trade and businesses, improving rural public transport, meeting the needs of vulnerable and isolated people, and - of course - challenging the economic and environmental madness of building an incinerator at Javelin Park.

With thanks to Stroud District Green Party for funding this newsletter. Printed and published by Stroud District Green Party, 2 The Laurels, Bread Street, Ruscombe, GL66EL

Some previous newsletters: See Jan 2012 newsletter here, Feb 2011 here, March 2010 here and 2009 report here.

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