6 Mar 2010

Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe News from your District Councillor

I've just started delivering my latest news letter - the contents of which are below - apols for delay - I usually try to get it out in January but due to a twisted ankle and the snow it has been delayed. Please also use the 'labels' or the search engine on this blog to find out more about my activities.

Dear Resident,

I feel very fortunate to live in and be part of these lively communities. We have a great village shop, schools, churches, clubs and pubs, plus many wonderful local events like street parties, the Randwick Wap, pancake races, art exhibitions, theatre and more. These all go a long way towards strengthening our communities - something that is close to my heart.

As residents will know, I have nearly completed four years as the local District Councillor. I would be proud to serve a further term and I hope you will consider voting for me this May.

This newsletter gives a taste of some of my recent actions and projects. As I hope it shows, I remain passionate about social and environmental justice and am committed to working with others to achieve the changes we need.

I would like to thank all those who have supported me and the local Green Party for funding this annual newsletter.

Cllr. Philip Booth, Stroud District Councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe ward

Want to talk to Philip?

Philip would love to hear your views, answer your questions or try to help with local problems. Email Philip on philip.booth2@virgin.net or phone 01453755451 or write to: 2 The Laurels, Bread Street, Ruscombe, Stroud GL66EL.

Some recent successes

Philip has:

  • Led a successful campaign to get a bus shelter at Stratford
  • Set up the Stroud Valleys Water Forum that is taking a lead in developing an effective flood policy for the District
  • Initiated a Countywide scheme for libraries to loan out energy monitors to help people cut their energy use
  • Supported residents who have had problems with planning issues
  • Helped get a new culvert and grill at Acres Place, Puckshole, to reduce flooding
  • Worked with Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council to establish allotments in the area Road
Some recent actions by your councillor:

Seeking more accountability at the Council

I have joined other Greens in calling for:
  • Councillor expenses to be published fully
  • Ending the extra cash paid to councillors who use larger cars
  • More openness around decisions to close joint-use sports centres
  • The Council to apologise to tenants for the damning report on our Council housing stock (with the exception of two other councillors, all refused to make an apology)

Working for better planning
  • I continue to oppose development on the Ruscombe Valley fields and at other key local sites that are currently threatened
  • I have been one of four councillors on an extensive inquiry into the planning process which has made key recommendations for improvements

Pressing for transport improvements
  • I have helped to gain the '20 is Plenty' traffic calming signs. I oppose County Council measures to remove these.
  • I continue to seek other local traffic calming measures (not humps and bumps)
  • I continue to work for 20mph speed limits in residential areas to reduce casualties and encourage more walking and cycling
  • I want to see a proper bus station in Stroud and improvements to cycle facilities

Protecting our wildlife and environment
  • I have been involved in projects locally such as clearing the local brook, supporting the local Hedgehog Hospital and helping develop the Stroud-based Global Bee Project to protect solitary bees
  • I have sought improvements to local grit bins and road gullies
  • I helped ensure that Severn Trent has taken action on sewage systems locally. This has led to a significant reduction in sewage incidents

Open Homes Success
  • I initiated and help organise the hugely popular Eco-renovation Open Homes weekend each September. This involves local homes with renewable energy and energy efficiency measures opening to the public and local renewable energy installers promoting their products

Tackling fuel poverty, energy security and climate change
  • I chaired a scrutiny inquiry that has made recommendations for financing energy efficiency and renewable measures
  • I am seeking opportunities for the Council to invest and make serious financial returns on investments in renewable energy

Working on your behalf
  • Opposing a large incinerator at Javelin Park near Stonehouse or elsewhere in the County
  • Actively working to ensure our waste management is more sustainable and cost effective
  • Initiated a wood fuel project in local woods
  • Raised key issues as Stroud’s representative on the Wessex Water Customer Liaison Panel
  • Sought improvements to services at Stratford Park Leisure Centre including measures to improve cleanliness and energy efficiency
  • Supported others to successfully oppose large cuts in funding to arts

See last years report here.


Kate said...

Having lived in Whiteshill for many years, and being a ex pupil of the School, and ex teenager of the youth club,

I really hope that you are elected to serve a further term for us, I have always voted Conservative until the last election when they put forward a Margaret Thatcher Clone,

I shudder to think what they will offer up this time.

Whiteshill needs a local man with local ideas and the interests of his own community, Whiteshill does not need an outsider,

Philip Booth said...

Thanks indeed.