11 Dec 2012

Stroud to knit a 7 mile scarf!

Stroud's Jaine Rose has come up with a great idea....a 7 mile scarf....well Randwick may hold the record for the longest bunting (see film here) - well it would have done if it had been officially verified - anyhow now Stroud is set to create one of the longest scarfs in the world.....or poss the longest? Sadly no as there are some over 30 miles long!!! Anyway Jaine who has an excellent blog - see here - writes:

Between now and August 2014 we will be creating a 7 mile long knitted peace scarf to stretch between Atomic Weapons Establishment sites at Aldermaston and Burghfield, Berkshire, where nuclear weapons are made.
This is part of a larger campaign to put pressure on the Government to ditch a planned £80bn spend on renewing the Trident Nuclear weapons programme.
Pick up your needles and crochet hooks and help us to protest in a pink, powerful and pro-active way to say No! to more investment in war in the U.K. Can you knit a metre or two of this yarn bombing peace scarf?

See more at: http://www.woolagainstweapons.co.uk/ 

Call Jaine on 01453 751604.

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