14 Dec 2012

Big cat on Whiteshill Playing Field

Last night was Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council meeting - more of that in another blog but firstly the food was great - Parish councillors had produced a great variety of delights - anyway one item I have forwarded to the Parish relates to the reports in the press of a Big Cat in Whiteshill.

I have had three emails from people on this matter in the last few days including one below and one from Rick Minter, a local Big Cat expert/author soon to be based at the Agricultural College.

"Anyway, main reason for being in touch is the playing field at Whiteshill. There was a plausible report from there last night, with a black panther making what I believe was a warning call to two men with one dog. They were concerned and they claim to have seen it before there. As you know, I think this/these cats are experienced at living around us and are not going to suddenly go for a human. Dogs off a lead in darkness are much more at risk, and we need to guard against people aggravating them. Could deer be fenced off from the playing field, as that might be what's attracting a big cat there?"

There was also another Big Cat siting report apparently by a farmer in Selsley last week - and I know of several from a long while back in Randwick. I am open minded to the possibilities - and it seems from the Festival of Nature in Stroud this year that many people are - see my blog here. Are there other sitings locally?

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