19 Dec 2012

Incineration opposition growing all the time....

Greens protesting at Javelin Park
Monday night a couple of weeks ago nearly 70 people in Randwick Village Hall turned up for a talk from GlosVain about the incinerator proposal at Javelin Park - less than 3 miles from here.

I hope to have  a film of some of the highlights available after Christmas - what amazed me at the meeting was the number of people who had not been aware of the proposals....yet it has been in the press regularly, in my ward leaflets, this blog and many other places.....anyhow the latest shocking revelation comes in the letter below from Green councillor Sarah Lunnon - what she and GlosVain have found out adds to worries....

Letter to local press by Sarah Lunnon:

Information released by GCC due to an FoI request indicate the Case Officer for Javelin Park was considering refusal or deferment prior to leaving the application in dubious circumstances are a cause for concern.

The timeline for appointing consultants gets murkier, and the suspicion that all must be done to get the application accepted grows weekly, and as the FoI request shows, councillor’s questions, i.e. my questions, are passed around officers who request a ‘line’ to feed me. Well here’s a suggested line – the truth.

It is disappointing that the professionalism of officers and the independence of the planning authority have been made open to question due to the crass determination of Conservative Politicians to provide a market driven facility for the management of our residual waste.

In this rubbish debate the Greens have, over the last 30 years, made the relevant points about capacity, about facilities that can expand or contract with demand, about investment in reduction and re-use, and yes we banged on and on about recycling. Currently the county is so un-interested in reduction or re-use strategies it invests about 0.3% of its waste budget in this area. Maybe unsurprisingly for its a fact if we reduce, re-use or recycle much more, there will quite literally not be enough rubbish to feed the rubbish facility.

So the planning looks shoddy and the figures are rubbish - and it's a contract worth £1/2 billion.

Sarah Lunnon, County Councillor Stroud East

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