21 Dec 2012

Heritage hedge lost at Cashes Green

I've had some correspondence with local residents about the loss of the hedge at Cashes Green Hospital site - see photos here. Sadly there appears to have been a revision to the planning application....the developer wanted to change the hedge to a replacement involving a 3 metre high evergreen ivy hedge which is significantly narrower at the base but rather dense - it is claimed this will be attract a variety of birds and insects and remain green in the winter. It will also be installed at its full height on day one.

It is claimed that at around 10 feet tall, the ivy will provide privacy between the properties, whilst increasing the usable part of the gardens. Some consultation was apparently carried out but in my view not sufficient - this is disappointing as I have been very impressed with the developers of this site - the way that they have gone way beyond what many developers do and have made many efforts to incorporate views of the local community - like saving some of the old buildings - indeed compared to many I have dealt with they have excelled - it therefore makes this all the more disappointing.

It should be noted that there is no legal protection for hedges - the Council cannot put a TPO on them, and they are also subject to high hedges legislation which could see them cut back to 2-3 m at anytime. However I have to note my disappointment in the loss of this significant hedge - it is frustrating to find there seems to be little we can do now as the hedge is gone.

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