23 Dec 2012

Gas Mains replacement to Bread Street at last!

Local residents will have received a DVD about the plans to dig up our roads to replace gas mains in Bread Street. It was therefore with great concern that I saw Highways repairing large sections of the road in Bread Street....I asked if they were aware of the plans for the road to be dug up in early January....fortunately it appears they are and have only done one side of the road!

While it looks like we are set for some inconvenience in January at least we should have an end to gas leaks - this is an issue I have tried to tackle as we had so many leaks locally. In 2011 we were told it was going to be 4 years before our mains was tackled - while it will be 2 years since the problems were highlighted we have at least got it done a little quicker!

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