13 Nov 2012

Woodfuel and Ash Die Back

Boot of my car
On Saturday it was time for the Randwick Woodfuel group to meet up again - I'd missed a couple of sessions so it was good to catch up with people - we met up at that sharp bend in the road that goes to Edge one way and the Beacon the other - a lot of clearing and burning before we all filled boots with a load of logs.

This project is now part of Transition Stroud and a partnership with the National Trust - it makes a useful contribution to local conservation work but we also all learn more about our local woods....as might be expected the conversation turned to Ash Die Back....our local woods have between 30 and 50% ash so this is a serious threat - I cannot understand why the government didn't act 2 years ago as many argued....anyway Cameron now announcing a survey to see the extent of the problem is all far too late and surely shows how disconnected they are to the environment - ash trees are already dropping leaves and at this time it is a tough job indeed to try and identify the disease without leaves....not impossible but much harder.....more on Ash Die Back here.

See film I made from a wee while ago: http://stroudcommunity.tv/12-go-into-the-woods-with-loppers/

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