8 Nov 2012

Object to the incinerator: have you done it yet?

Public Meetings in Nov 2012I've covered all the reasons why an incinerator would be a mistake previously on this blog - plus written to the press regularly and supported the motion that saw the District Councils virtually unanimous decision against the incinerator - click on incinerator tag below for more info and scroll down - but the County are still committed. 

Many of us have also written to Planning - have you? There is still time - please do in your own words say why you object. GlosVain, which the Green Party have worked closely with, have produced some thoughts to help folk put an objection together - you may have other issues:

To:  The Planning Unit, Environment & Community Directorate, Gloucestershire County Council, Shire Hall, Gloucester, GL1 2TH.  E: planningdc@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Ref: 12/0008/STMAJW Energy from Waste Facility at Javelin Park.

I object to this planning application and ask that permission be refused because: 
·       The proposed incinerator is expensive, outdated technology – there are much cheaper, better, less visibly intrusive and safer alternatives.
·       I am worried that the incinerator may affect health and the environment.
·       It would have an unacceptable visual impact, flouting the 15.7m limit on the site.
·       Entering into a 25-year contract when future waste need is unknown is reckless
·       Waste in Gloucestershire has and is reducing – this incinerator is not needed.

See details of public meetings at: http://www.glosvain.info/

There will also hopefully be one in Randwick on 3rd December - to be confirmed>

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