20 Sep 2012

Local bits and pieces

Mains Water Leak in Ludlow Green: Water has been running down the road for many days and Severn Trent have said they will not act until 30th to stop the mains leak. Residents, the Parish Council, myself and Highways have also been made aware. I hope that action can be taken; three residents have already contacted me directly. One of them, a regular cyclist says the water on the bend in the road is dangerous and needs attention.

Update from STW: Water legislation states that customers must have 48hrs notice of a planned shutdown of the water supply. The Resource Manager at Staverton have requested a shut for this Sunday (23rd Sep) but they will need to arrange for warning letters to be hand delivered asap to comply with this legislation and therefore for the shut to go ahead. This they will do their best to achieve.

Whiteshill and Ruscombe Shop Break-In: Sadly the shop was broken into on Tuesday and cigarettes taken; there are few there but the repairs needed will take a huge chunk of money. I've just been there today for a coffee and would urge others to go along and if poss slip some money into the repairs box! Last week the Paganhill PO had the knife-point robbery which is in local press this week - however it is perhaps worth reminding ourselves that we live in a wonderfully safe place compared to many.

Welfare Reform: Wednesday night I was at a meeting re the introduction of the Universal Credit and it's impact on local residents. It comes in Oct 2013 to 2017 and will replace a number of benefits and will also be less money - in Stroud District's case that is around £108k. It wont affect pensioners but those in Council tenancies with a spare bedroom face a 14% cut and if 2 spare bedrooms a 25% cut; all tenants are being written to and those facing massive changes have already had a letter.

Randwick Parish 20mph meeting: On Tuesday I was at the Parish Council organised evening to hear more about the introduction of a 20 mph zone across most of Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe. As many will know I have been working for this for many years with many different groups. At the meeting it was good to hear many voices in favour but also those rightly questioning certain aspects like around enforcement etc - and there will be no more bumps as part of this!! I am delighted we are now getting close - Whiteshill and Ruscombe have a meeting on 2nd October so if you missed the Randwick one come along and here about it - see my letter to press here.

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