21 Sep 2012

Food on the agenda

I managed to join part of the Food Group Strategy group meeting chaired by Transition Stroud which is a mix of folk including Down to Earth Coop, local farmers, academics, councillors and more. Stroudco Foodhub were also represented - do look them up if you don't know about them - Gerb from the Farmers Market was also there. Anyway the turn out to the meeting was low but the group was looking to see how they could gain support to develop a local food strategy - already groundwork has been done but funding is needed. I'm hoping the District Council will look to support some of this as there is a clear benefit to local businesses, health and much more....

Anyway if you are interested in joining to get in touch with Transition Stroud. Meanwhile take action to tackle the supermarkets - as Action Aid write: "Supermarkets make billions in profits, but many of the people in poor countries – mostly women – who produce the fruit and veg that stocks their shelves work in shocking conditions for extremely low pay. But years of our campaigning have resulted in a massive victory. The government is just about to introduce a watchdog to push supermarkets to play fair in the UK, and overseas.  But we must make sure the watchdog can bring supermarkets to heel – this means the power to fine from day one."

This is an issue returned to many times on this blog - please join me in signing the letter at: http://www.actionaid.org.uk/103341/supermarket_watchdog_campaign.html

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