23 Sep 2012

A million ponds?

Details of phase two for a million healthy ponds to be created in the UK are being announced to combat decades of neglect. Spearheaded by Pond Conservation, Phase 1 of Million Ponds constructed more than 1000 ponds for many of the most endangered freshwater species in Britain.

The Million Ponds Project was launched in order to develop a new approach to protecting life and increasing biodiversity in freshwater focusing on quickly re-installing clean water to the landscape.
For more information and to get involved, go to www.pondconservation.org.uk

See BBC report (which includes leeches) here - what about more in Stroud area? To put in a pond was one of the first things I did when I moved to Ruscombe and I still love to watch the wildlife there....


Julian said...

Certainly important steps in the right direction ... reversing former govt (MAFF) policy and funding to remove ponds decades ago!

Would be really helpful to have some local govt encouragement - local planning policy could be adapted here maybe ?

And some strategic focus - align with flood / drought spending locally too ?

Philip Booth said...

Thanks - did MAFF really want rid of ponds??!! What a world we live in.....agree would be great to get something a bit more in new Local Plan..

Julian said...

Yes - there are important animal health issues with ponds (liver fluke) ... but fences protect.

MAFF drained not only ponds but vast areas of UK land - just accelerating the flood/drought cycle of course; but gaining some short term food production benefits.

Actually, we need both drainage and pond attenuation - and overall, more sensitivity ! Then we can achieve even greater productivity.

We have had one local (70yr) farmer adamantly state "I am not putting back all my ponds - having been asked to once take them all out ...". The next generation maybe.