29 Jun 2012

Exec, walkabout and Puckshole road closure

Ah well last night the Labour, Green, Lib Dem Exec (Cabinet as it used to be called) had their first meeting in public at Ebley Mill.....the first time for many years that the Tories don't hold the balance of power. It was a pretty unexciting agenda which saw only 4 Tories turn up to watch...indeed some of the budget stuff was all set up by the previous administration - hopefully their will be more opportunities for change in the future.

Today I joined the District Council officer on her walkabout of Council housing in the ward; this hse does regularly to spot issues like overgrown hedges that are blocking paths. She will then write to tenants - although not always this has the desired effect of action...although sometimes the biggest difficulties relate to homes that are privately owned...anyway there were a couple of issues that I will take on to the Parish Council for discussion.....I'm also wondering if there is any enthusiasm for restarting the Victory Road Tenants Association?

Lastly in this blog a quick mention that the road starting at Park End and going down through Puckshole and onto More Hall will be closed 20th to 31st August for essential repairs. While this is good news I have written to see if it could be done in two stages so that Ruscombe traffic could still go one way from Humphreys End rather than all going back through Ruscombe or Randwick. We'll see....

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