12 May 2012

Glos Old Spot comes to Fuzzies

View from top of Ash Lane - not far from Fuzzies
Today the Wap in Randwick - starts at 1.00 plus of course loads of Open Studios....but for this blog entry it's pigs...

Julia Currie writes in the Randwick Runner:

Very soon Randwick residents will be able to order truly local Gloucester Old Spot pork products from pigs soon to be moved to the Fuzzies at the top of Sandpits Lane. Popes pigs, run by Matt Pope and Jennifer Archer, will be expanding their rare breed pedigree pig business to my little woodland, which means that in time we will be able to buy pork so local that it almost comes from our own back yard. How to cut food miles to a minimum and get a delicious free range, outdoor reared pork product!

Check out Matt and Jennifer’s web site at www.popespigs.co.uk or call 01453 450521/07528 317163 for more information. Better still, for those of you who receive the Runner on Saturday, Popes pigs will have a stall at the Wap on Saturday 12th May. Good luck to Matt and Jennifer.

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