2 May 2012

Glos Broadband survey results

The Borders Broadband project is using Government and local authority funding to attract commercial telecoms suppliers to provide the infrastructure for high-speed internet services. Well the results of the Broadband survey are out - see more at: http://www.gfirstbroadband.co.uk/#anchor

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In Gloucestershire, 5,960 questionnaires were completed. Here are some headline results below from the report - it is great that the issue is getting highlighted but we should remember we have around 10 million adults in the UK who have never used the internet and I think over a million households still don't have access to a broadband enabled exchange. Here in Bread Street, Ruscombe my very brief survey a while back showed most households getting under 2MB.

 Nearly all Gloucestershire households have access to the internet at home - most of these
are dissatisfied with their internet speed
 Most experience sluggish internet service at certain times of day. Nearly half regularly lose
their connection
 Nearly all of these households would like high-speed internet in the future
 Nearly half of households reported having download speeds below 2 Mbps. Around one in
four households have speeds below 1Mbps
 A third of those with internet at home use it for school, college or university studies
 Six out of ten use the internet at home for work, either for their employer or to run a
 More than half of households spend over 20 hours per week on the internet at home
(collectively as a household)
 Top three uses for the internet at home are:
1. searching for goods and services
2. using email
3. buying goods and services
 Top three desired uses for broadband at home (if they had faster broadband) are:
1. online radio/TV/films/videos
2. video communication (e.g. Skype)
3. downloading music/photos/graphics

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