6 May 2012

Election results

View of Ebley Mill from near Ash Lane
Very disappointing to lose Nailsworth Green councillor on Friday - the swing to Labour meant Tories slipped in - plus Lib Dems stood for the first time in years - I have no doubt we will win the seat back. Overall Greens were up 11 councillors across the country - and Jenny Jones beat the Lib Dems into third place in the London Mayoral elections! Great stuff - the full local election results for Stroud are here.

There will be some interesting times ahead as the Tories now do not hold the balance of power - who will work with who or can we all work together for the good of Stroud?  Already discussions are taking place...Labour appear not to want to create a coalition to lead the Council? Would others join them if they did? Meanwhile the Green group are looking at our platform of changes needed for the Council - what opportunities are there?

We will see - still early days and all sorts of negotiations - not my idea of fun all that 'politics' but nevertheless very important.

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Andy Read said...

is that the new leader of the council in the picture?