18 Apr 2012

Randwick's World Record Longest Line of Bunting Attempt

Picture Here's the news from the Randwick Hall website:

As part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Randwick is attempting to break the world record for the longest continuous line of bunting. The current record stands at 3,427.94 metres. 
It is planned the length of bunting will stretch from Whiteshill shop, through Ruscombe, the length of Bread Street, past More Hall Convent, down to Cashes Green School and up to the top of Randwick village and then back down to the playing field.
The event, sponsored by Stroud District Council and Randwick Parish Council is designed to bring communities and communitity groups together in a memorable way on this historic occasion. All village groups will donate their own length of bunting and school children and playgroups will also be asked to contribute flags.

How can you help?

We need over 600m2  of fabric   from which we need to cut 14,583 flags.  The flags must be a specified size and then stitched 2" a part on a length of bunting tape.

We are looking for volunteers to donate any fabric, old sheets, curtains or fabric samples and also anyone who can help cut out the flags or stitch them or help hang the bunting.

You can cut the fabric from home or join a bunting workshop at Randwick Village Hall.

Click here for your Bunting template.
Click here for workshop timetable.
If you need fabric to cut, need a precut template to cut your own material or would like to join us in a workshop please call Alan Tomlinson  on tel 840134   or contact   tomo_randwick@hotmail.com

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