17 Apr 2012

Call on Cameron for 30% target

Local artist Russ cartoon
I've been at Parish Council meetings, a Policy panel, Transition Stroud Council meeting, Stroud Community TV meetings and more.....all too busy to blog at the mo but did want to highlight this 38 Degrees campaign....

Right now, behind the scenes in Europe, big decisions are being made about climate change. Experts say what’s needed are targets to reduce emissions by 30%. But some European leaders are starting to lose their nerve. David Cameron has a key role to play. But at just the time we need him to stand strong, he is losing the support of his own top conservative ministers on tackling climate change. Cameron knows that his support for a 30% target is crucial. Without it, other leaders may use his silence as an excuse to drop out of the Europe-wide climate effort.

Together we can convince Cameron to stand strong and back 30% climate targets in his key speech on 26th April. Thousands of messages from 38 Degrees members will prove that whatever his ministers are saying, the public want real progress on climate change. Click here to get started:

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