30 Jan 2012

Video of Saturday's protest against the reopening of road at Wallbridge

This is a short video capturing some of the voices of the 80 or so people who attended to protest on Saturday 28th January against the reopening of the road at Wallbridge (see my blog here).

Gloucestershire Highways are running a public consultation about Wallbridge (6th-17th February 2012). The basic choice is between:
Option 1 - opening Wallbridge to one-way traffic
Option 2 - leaving Wallbridge closed to traffic - with the chance of further improving the area in the future

We think that Option 2 is the way to go:
  • It works! And traffic leaving town via Rowcroft isn't a problem
  • Easier and safer access for pedestrians and cyclists going to/from town
  • Larger area of public space
  • Better environment for Canal Trust Visitor Centre and Lockkeepers CafĂ©
  • More welcoming gateway to Stroud
Please vote for option 2 at the Canal Visitor Centre 6th-17th Feb 2012.

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