31 Jan 2012

Occupy Stroud 18th Feb

Are you fed up with rising inequality?  Sick of living in an undemocratic, unsustainable system that seems hell-bent on its own destruction? Keen to start creating something new, something different, but not sure where to start?

Well on Saturday 18th February, 1pm at the top of the High Street a group of people look set to meet in solidarity with the global Occupy movement. The idea is to discover what we can do here in Stroud to start creating a new society one that gives priority to life over economic interests. They are not claiming to have all the answers, but are certain that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option. I have visited the St Pauls Occupy - see here photos  - and was impressed by the conversations and passion to really make this world a better place. I welcome Occupy Stroud becoming a place for similar discussions....

There is already a Facebook page for those interested in learning more - so come along on 18th  - and as they invite says:"Bring your sense of humour, your umbrella, and your willingness to take part in consensus-based decision-making."
“You can’t evict an idea whose time has come.”  The Occupy Movement
Sign up to our Facebook page and join in the discussion: http://www.facebook.com/groups/282682138434448/


rodge said...

good well done at last i will be there too what time?

Anonymous said...

So if this is an anti-capitalism protest why does this site promote Ecotricity as Dale is now in the Sunday Times Rich list? Also if you are about "consensus-based decision making" the only tangible gauge of support at the moment is the fact that the Don't Occupy Stroud Please Facebook page has 20% more supporters than the Occupy Stroud one.
Take your protest to Tescos or Mcdonalds, true bastions of evil corporate business practices and stop battering a town centre which is trying it's best to maintain small business that care about their environment in all respects.
This campaign is truely mis-guided in it's logistical focus and actually has turned many people who live and work in Stroud off an issue which they broadly agree with you on.

Simon Vincent

Philip Booth said...

I think there has been alot of misunderstanding about this - here is one of the organisers writing: We're fully aware of how lucky we are in Stroud – local food, independent retailers, a lively arts scene and an active and engaged community. But we are also part of a larger system, one that is cutting public services, allowing large businesses to dodge their taxes and widening the gap between rich and poor.

The aim of the meeting on the 18th is to explore what can be done to challenge a system that promotes economic growth at all costs.

We warmly invite all 100% to take part in this conversation by joining us on Saturday the 18th of February. Dust off your idealism and bring your sense of humour – we intend the event to be peaceful and inspiring with a focus on what we can actually DO here in Stroud.

Andy said...

I am sure if anything it will increase the trade at that end of town - no one I have spoken to is seeking to target those businesses - but certainly there has been talk about how best to highlight the inequality and seehow best to show that.

Anonymous said...

Simon - join the debate today - I'm just off there now - this group started the debate and has been running for a long time - no one questioned the location until the last few weeks - and as others have said this is a meeting to explore what is wanted.

Philip Booth said...

Listen to Stroud FM show when they talk to people from Occupy Stroud - it gives a good flavour: http://www.podcasts.canstream.co.uk/stroud/audio/stroudfm-2012-02-19-61403.mp3