6 Jan 2012

Petition: tougher rules for food speculators

Last April I uploaded a couple of films of a talk in Stroud on food speculation - see here - well WDM have just launched another petition - do please consider signing:

Basically just before Christmas regulatory proposals to tackle food speculation were published in the EU and the European parliament started the process of scrutinising the plans, with the powers to make them stronger or weaker.

Here is what the World Development Movement write: "The lead MEP for this legislation, Markus Ferber, wants input from ‘interested parties’ to inform the discussions in the European parliament. It's vital that he hears from the public that we want strong rules to rein in the speculators. Otherwise responses to his consultation will be dominated by the the finance industry who will be calling for the proposals to be watered down. We will be delivering the petition to Markus Ferber on Wednesday 11 January. We want to get as many signatures as possible to demonstrate the strength of public support for strong, effective regulation to curb food speculation. Please sign the petition now to counter the interests of the 1% and ensure our voices are heard. Betting on food prices in financial markets is a scandal, fuelling high food prices and driving millions into hunger and poverty. But you can help us to change this. This year we have to opportunity to rein in food speculors through the legislation being decided in Europe."

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