15 Dec 2011

Do we want a burnt out shop?

From Ross Gazette
Fire safety chiefs in Ross-on-Wye transformed an empty shop into a living room after a fire - see article here. This seems a great way to get the message across....

I have written to local fire chiefs - if the burnt shop is indeed successful in getting the message out then I wonder if they could consider such a project in Gloucestershire? What do folk think?

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Philip Booth said...

I have since had a very helpful reply from the Community Safety Adult Services Manager - they frequently hold events and initiatives to promote Fire Safety and publicise safety messages through the press.

In 2012 the Service is launching "Skillzone" This is a revolutionary Safety Education Centre currently under construction in Sheppard Road Gloucester. The centre will provide realistic scenario based learning environments, to provide people with essential life skills. Working closely with agency partners and community groups, the centre will promote safety and develop education materials. The centre will have three overarching aims:
To help people of all ages acquire essential life skills. To promote safety in partnership with other agencies and organisations
To provide a centre of excellence for everybody in all aspects of safety, health and wellbeing. For more information on any of our community initiatives please visit our website www.glosfire.gov.uk