14 Dec 2011

Glos Trading Standards and Emergency Management face massive cuts

View of Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe
I've already done a couple of blogs on Thursday nights Scrutiny - see here - this one is on the County Community Safety - we had a report from the SDC rep but I had two key concerns. I'm still learning how this Scrutiny works re reports from the County (think this is only third meeting this year) - or doesn't - it seems we get reports to which we all nod sagely then move onto the next item. However it is surely meant to be more of a two way process to which we input questions, views etc for our rep to take to the meetings? Well I hope we can get more clearly to that point - and with that in mind I raised two issues:

Trading standards 

Glos Trading Standards face cuts that are more severe than in other Counties; the cuts will mean fewer interventions, fewer inspections, less food sampling, less preventative work and more enforcement work. The report shows we have not yet seen the impact of previous cuts to services. I raised concerns about the impact all of this will have on Gloucestershire. We have not had a clear understanding about cuts to services and I requested a report detailing the impact.

The County report notes risks to animal welfare and animal movement if there are cuts. We know Glos has already been hit hard by TB. Can we have assurances from the county this important area of work will not be cut? We will see.

Emergency Management

Recent civil disturbances highlighted that Emergency Management staff would be stretched to support the County Council to manage in an emergency. We again have seen huge cuts in staff. I understand we have a service agreement with the County and wonder what impact these cuts will have on Stroud? Again I hope we will see.

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