28 Nov 2011

Well done Whiteshill Guide and Scout Hut!

Tomorrow night local groups are meeting to discuss the Whiteshill and Ruscombe Playing field - issues like replacing the fence and more will be discussed - but there will be general celebration that the Whiteshill Guide and Scout Hut were one of only three projects to gain NatWest funding locally.

The number of Projects applying totaled 7000, 452,000 votes were cast and the total prize fund of £3 million has been divided into 474 awards. They have been awarded £6,275.00 towards the refurbishment works.  Well done indeed to all who helped organise the campaign and project. This money will help towards the £25,000 worth of works they have planned in trying to make the building more sustainable and continue to serve our community in the future. See more re project here.

The others projects to benefit in our area were NCT Little Bundles & Gloucester Excelsior Training Band so many congratulations to them also.

Not so lucky at the moment is the Guide Hut in Randwick - various plans were being progressed by the community - see here -  but now it seems it is for sale. Is it still poss to save for some community use?

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