28 Nov 2011

Discounted energy advice for householders

The Severn Wye Energy Agency, a non-profit company and registered educational charity has managed several projects on behalf of the 6 Local Authorities throughout Gloucestershire, including the Gloucestershire Warm and Well scheme that is a heating and home insulation grant scheme that has improved the energy efficiency of over 34,000 homes since the scheme began in 2001. They have a pretty good track record, so it is good news to hear that Stroud District Council have provided funding so they can offer detailed home energy audits to householders in the Stroud area at a discounted price.

Below is some information from them about what is included in the survey - this is very different from some of those so-called ‘get rich quick’ companies who do not have the interest of the client or their property in mind. You can see some of their work at: www.target2050.org.uk Click read more to see more.

Severn Wye Energy Agency has a long track record of helping householders to turn their home into a low carbon, low cost building. By combining expert assessment of the property with an impartial, technology neutral approach, the Severn Wye Energy Agency can help you install the right measures for your property and back these up with behaviour changes that will further reduce your bills.

What we offer:

•        Experienced technical experts who come out and visit your house
•        A full National Home Energy Rating (NHER) domestic energy assessment of your property
•        A comprehensive report outlining the most appropriate actions for your home including:
- Advice on meters and tariffs
- No cost behavioural changes and energy reduction ideas
- Optimisation of existing heating systems and controls
- Advice on lighting and electrical appliances
- Improving insulation levels and air tightness
- Options for generating clean energy from renewable sources
•        An up to date Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – required when you sell or rent out your home
•        Follow up support to help you get measures installed including:
- Advice on planning permission, listed building consent and other specific licenses where required
- Access to our Sustainable Energy Installer Network to help you choose a local, qualified installation company
- Help with obtaining and reviewing quotes for work

Through making any recommended improvements, your home can be warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to run which improves self-sufficiency and resilience to energy price hikes. Your home will have a reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact. There will be opportunities for generation of clean energy and income from Feed-in tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive. You can have confidence that the measures suggested are right for your property and that they are not based on sales commission.

50% off! Only £180 (Inc. VAT) for Stroud area residents!

For more information or to arrange a survey please contact the Severn Wye Energy Agency:
Call the Domestic Sustainable Energy Team on 01452 835060 or email them at: target2050@swea.co.uk

Website: www.swea.co.uk

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