20 Nov 2011

20 mph to get another working party

20 is Plenty scheme
 Glacial is the pace of getting 20mph in this area - we've had campaigns, agreements, petitions and more...well now comes the County's Community Offer......it means another 20 mph working group which I've already requested to join. It will look at questions like those below - many of which we have already answered.....My blog has covered lots on 20 mph over the last years like the 500 words in The Citizen here, the report I wrote here and the letter last year to GCC councillors here.

As a starting point the working groups need to be thinking about some of the following questions:
·         What roads in the parish would be covered by the reduced speed limit?
·         What type of scheme would be acceptable and affordable to the community (speed limit campaign, advisory speed limit, or a traffic regulation order changing the speed limit)?
·         How will the parish demonstrate community support for spending local funds on the scheme such as a petition or open meeting?
·         How will consultation be carried out and who will respond to consultees?
·         What natural traffic calming features already exist and what additional features may be required?
·         What speed survey data is already available?
·         How many speed limit signs would need changing?

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