16 Oct 2011

Blog Action Day: food growing links

Today is Blog Action Day on Food. Since 2007, Blog Action Day has focused bloggers around the world to blog about one important global topic on the same day. Past topics have included water, climate change and poverty.Well the day gives me an excuse to revisit our Edible Open Gardens project. It was so successful this year that already plans are afoot for next year.

Our videos of the day have also still getting lots of views - see them here if you haven't yet - several people have passed me links to other useful websites so here goes - thanks to Helen, Jim, Roxanne and The Ruscombe Dreamer for these:

Facebook Backyard and Garden farming, smallholding, homesteading and foraging.

Eat Weeds - foraging for wild food - an excellent site:

Self Sufficientish - Forum and huge wealth of information:


Downsizer - aimed at providing info to those on a journey to live more simply and sustainably:

Composting advice - hot and cold:

10 Rules for Composting:

The film 'Our Daily Bread' - it is very moving, horrific and powerful and enough to make anyone think about where their food comes from: 

And here's an article re storing food which looks at the Mormons policies and how that appears to have led to food waste:

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