29 Sep 2011

Stroud Valleys Water Forum tonight

This evening we have had presentations from David Graham from the County Council re the Flood and Water Management Act and Anthony Perry from the Environment Agency. We were also joined by Jon Beckett who has the responsibilities at the District Council. Nearly 20 of us had an opportunity to consider the changes coming and what the act might mean - it talks for example about more partnership working, a local strategy, the County taking over SuDS and registers of assets - it seems not alot of this is clear yet but we make clear our enthusiasm for participating in the consultation process.

We will have to see what role we will be able to play in bringing about a vision for the catchment....but hey I'm for bed now - can't share more! Well a couple of quick points before I go....

Water 21 update their website

Water 21 website has been updated. It includes stuff re Ruscombe Brook in the Action Groups section including some downloadable stuff: http://www.water21.org.uk/

National Flood Forum says new planning laws could lead to greater risk of flooding

We had a brief mention of this issue - see their press release here - the proposed National Planning Policy Framework will put communities at greater risk of flooding - it replaces all existing national policies and guidance, including PPS25, the Planning Policy that governs how Flood Risk is assessed.
This gives councils clear guidance on how to avoid development in areas of flood risk and it gives developers clear guidance on what information they need to provide.  Without this Policy, each council will have to make up its own mind on how to assess and take account of flood risk. The new Framework keeps some key words from the PPS, but has removed the definitions, context and technical guidance that gives them meaning - without definitions, the words have little value.

Next meeting

Tony Bostock, Director of the Severn Rivers Trust http://severnriverstrust.com/
is able to come to talk to the Forum on the 16th November, to discuss how we can link the forum with the work of the Trust and how we might be able to initiate/join/get access to projects and funding. Anyone interested reading this do get in touch.

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