29 Sep 2011

Carmichael branded hypocrite

The Daily Telegraph, BBC and others covered the story this week of our MP Neil Carmichael who struck a deal with energy giant RWE npower to site a wind farm on his farmland in Northumberland (see Telegraph here). His opponents of the Northumberland plans have branded him a "hypocrite" because of his opposition to the Stinchcombe plan here in Stroud District.

Carmichael's project in Northumberland is proposed for Bavington Hill Head Farm, one of two tenanted farms owned by the MP in Northumberland. Carmichael is reckoned to make about £60,000 a year if it happens. Mr Carmichael's view is that the sites are very different. Having not seen the Northumberland site otherthan photos and plans it is hard to judge, but a brief look makes it hard to see why they are so different.

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